THC and CBD are the two most dominant cannabinoids among the hundreds you can find in the cannabis plant. THC is known for its psychoactive properties while CBD mainly carries the major medicinal properties the plant gives us.

Less known is how these two cannabinoids work together. The average levels of THC have more than tripled over the last few decades at the same time as the levels of CBD have dropped to zero.

When using cannabis products with high levels of THC and low to no levels of CBD many experience side effects like anxiety or drowsiness.

Bringing back a balance between THC and CBD allows the CBD to block these common side effects. In addition to that, THC also boosts the medicinal and relaxing properties of CBD. This synergetic relationship creates a more pleasurable experience with no side effects.

TBD comes in two different versions: 4:25 (Mellow - with 4MG THC plus 25MG CBD per piece) and 10:20 (High - with 10MG THC and 20MG CBD per piece).